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Owner and operators, Jerry and Julie are a dynamic father daughter team. Julie (right photo, far left) has lived in the Temecula Valley since 1997. She is a successful real estate agent as well as entrepreneurial businesswoman. Her father, Jerry (left photo) a prosperous real estate developer with a focus on lodging and hospitality are the founders of Julie's Dream Winery. Their spanned career expertise shaped their thinking about all things wine and exceptional hospitality.


Sparing no expense, Julie and her father have designed and built Julie's Dream Winery from the ground up with the visitor's experience in mind. Their creative vision, the world of wine that captivated their hearts, and a huge passion for others make their business available to wine enthusiasts both far and wide.


Tricia (right photo, far right) is a longtime family friend who specializes in hospitality and lodging. Tricia has been an exceptional addition in operating The Vineyard House for almost 2 years. Amanda (wedding dress) is granddaughter of Jerry and niece of Julie, joining the family to help in an array of ways to The Vineyard House and Julies Dream Winery.  


We hope you feel like family when you visit us! Either at Julies Dream Winery, or The Vineyard House, we welcome you with open arms.

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